A Guide to everything you would need to know in order to get started with Open Source.

Multiple versions of an application on a local computer system


I believe that I am an apt person to write this Guide to the above mentioned subject because it hasn’t been too long from when I used to be the person who would be finding articles like these to read myself.

I suppose that if you’ve stumbled upon this article…

A Guide to get started with Python

The most popular high-level programming language in the Pypl (Popularity of Programming Language) index is Python, with an impressive 31.6 percent global share as of June 2020.

For more than 2 decades, the programming language that was published in the early 1990s certainly…


This article is for everyone who just like my past self are considering whether they should step into Open Source or not, if Open source is really for you, if you are cut out for Open source and most importantly where to start from ‘nowhere’.

Improve software you rely on…

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